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Kani Pashmina Silk Scarves

Pashmina is extremely warm and soft fabric. Now we have made pashmina yarn with a blend of silk which will increase the shininess of pashmina scarves. we are doing silk pashmina scarves in woven kani concept which is totally traditional in look as per multicolored paisleys thus increasing personality of the wearer. Basically kani is known as a kalamkari concept which is famous all over world. These scarves are exclusively designed for evening occasions.

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Silk Pashmina Print Scarves

Silk pashmina print scarves are available in different prints and exclusive colors to go with your any of the favorite wear. Wrap yourself in worldly fashions with our stylish silk pashmina printed scarves which are medley of captivating hues and prints.

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Silk Pashmina Multicolored Scarves

Silk pashmina multicolored scarves are perfect blend of silk and pashmina carrying the quality of both pashmina and silk. Silk pashmina multicolored scarves are as soft as silk and and as elegant like pashmina. These are available in different array of colors.