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Silk Scarves

Silk scarves by Ganpati Fashion’s is the popularly demanded scarves these days because of the quality a silk fabric carries. It is in itself the most luxurious fabric and doesn’t necessarily require any extra material with it. Silk is the softest fabric and is elegant to carry. silk scarves are available in print, polka dot, plain and other patterns. Each pattern is a complete blend in itself.

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Silk Jamawar Scarves

These scarves are blend of jamawar and silk and is soft in feel. These scarves are most popular among our clients
and is a perfect combination of beauty and style. Moreover, these scarves are perfect fuse of contemporary and traditional designs that remarkably enhance the look of the wearer.

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Plain Silk Scarves

Ganpati fashions offer plain silk scarves with different colors. Silk is the most superior fabric and is self expressing. It doesn’t necessarily require any print or embroidery on them. Plain silk scarves is a complete fashion statement in itself.

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Silk Scarves For Men’s

Fashion is not restricted to only woman these days. even there are number of fashion accessories for men in market. Silk scarves for men by Ganpati fashions & Girisha Textiles are a perfect style statement for any men to carry. these scarves will not only make you feel different but will add a new look to your wardrobe. Silk will redefine your personality making you self satisfied.

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Silk Reversible Shawls

Reversible means double face like one side is red and another is black and it can be worn both sides. The same concept we are offering to our clients in reversible silk shawls which is extremely soft and shiny. These shawls are highly praised by our clients in domestic and international market. We are making these shawls on hi-tech machines.

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Fancy Silk Shawls

Ganpati Fashions and Girisha Textiles are the leading manufacturer and exporters of silk shawl located in Amritsar(Punjab)India. We are offering fabulous range of silk shawls with fancy floral print, animal print, kani print etc. These fancy silk shawls are always in demand by our clients.

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Evening Silk Shawls

We are offering evening silk shawls to our buyer which they can wear in any event, parties etc. We have party wear silk shawls, bridal silk shawls, women’s silk shawls etc. We can also customize these silk shawls according to our buyer requirements.

Jamawar shawls is coming in this fashion industry from centuries but it is still in demand as like some thing new you have. We have huge range of silk jamawar shawls with attractive paisely designs whcih give you antique look in your group.

Silk Jamawar Shawls

Jamawar shawls is coming in this fashion industry from centuries but it is still in demand as like some thing new you have. We have huge range of silk jamawar shawls with attractive paisley designs which give you antique look in your group.