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Viscose Beads Shawls

We are renowned manufacturer and exporters of viscose beads and sequence shawls. These additional work on viscose shawls increase the personality of the wearer. These shawls are perfect fashion accessories with any formal or casual dress. This additional work on shawls is crafted by our great designers with help of intelligent labors.

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Pashmina Stripes Shawls

Offering finest quality of pashmina shawls , stoles, scarves in multicolored stripes pattern which is highly in demand by youngsters.Our pashmina shawls are highly in demand due to its modern look and softness. We are making these shawls on hand loom machines and on hi-tech machines as well.

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Wool Shawls

Wool Shawls are the perfect accessory for winter season. We are offering wool shawls to our clients in various patterns like wool embroidery shawls, wool lycra shawls, boiled wool shawls, fine wool shawls etc. Our wool shawls highly praised by our clients just because of its too much warm and soft in hand feel.

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Embroidery Wool Shawls

Embroidery is an art to decorate the shawls. We our offering to our clients kashmiri embroidery wool shawls which are made with multiple color threads on each shawl. These shawls are crafted by our experts designer. We have many other designs and concepts in these shawls.

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Designer Wool Shawls

Everybody want to wear designer clothes in this fashion era as well as for accessories.We are offering designer wool shawls with some exclusive work on it. Our designer wool shawls are ultra soft and perfect match for any occasion.

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Boiled Wool Shawls

We are offering huge range of boiled wool shawls with hand embroidery on it. Boiled wool shawls are fully warm and fluffy as well. We are making these boiled wool shawls in size-70x180cms, 50x180cms and mufflers as well.We can also customize the designs and color matching according to our buyer taste.

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Fine Wool Shawls

Fine wool shawls are made using ultra soft micron of wool fiber which gives you feel of pure pashmina shawl.These fine wool shawls are also very warm. We are offering these fine shawls to our clients in various patterns fine wool jamawar shawls, semi-pashmina shawls, plain fine wool shawls etc.

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MultIColour Wool Wrap

Multicolored wool wrap are exclusively designed keeping in mind the latest trend and current market demand. The use of different colors are highly in demand these days. This becomes the reason that multicolored shawls solves the purpose of wrapping with any outfit.