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Unisex Wool Scarves

Scarves by Ganpati Fashions & Girisha Textiles are not made particularly for girls or boys but it can be worn by both genders. These unisex wool scarves are ultra soft and fit outfit for any party or occasion. We can also do customize designs and color matching in our unisex wool scarves.

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Kashmiri Wool Scarves

Kashmiri embroidery is one of the most renowned and famous among other embroideries. Our range of kashmiri wool scarves is an antique piece in itself and most of it the fabric wool gives you the coziness which none other fabric can give in winters.

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Designer Wool Scarves

Who doesn’t want to be stylish in this fashion era. Designer Wool scarves by Ganpati fashions & Girisha Textiles is an wholesome blend of fashion and design keeping the feature to keep you warm. Designer wool scarves are demanded by our both national and international market. Wool Scarves are perfect fashion accessories for winters as it carries the quality of warmth.

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Wool Ari Embroidered Scarves

This dramatically styled Ari embroidery wool scarves is purely unique in design, and is an elegant example of the best of the Ari embroidery style of embellishment. These embroidered wool scarves are designed keeping in mind the latest trend. Due to high quality and durability these scarves are praised by all our clients.

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Wool Jamawar Scarves

Jamawar is the most refined weaving among others. Wool jamwar scarves are a perfect blend of tradition and warmth. Wool Scarves is the most selling product in winters. The Wool Jamawar scarves by Ganpati fashions & Girisha Textiles provides the best comfort and coziness.